Schumann Sonatas for piano!

Schumann Sonatas for piano!

Re-issue of the recording from 2011 of the wonderful Sonatas for piano by Robert Schumann!

Niklas Sivelöv: Schumann:

Piano Sonatas AMC/Amchara Classsical 4 stars

 The piano professor Niklas Sivelöv has compared the music soloist to an enormous antenna which with sound waves seeks its receiver. Maybe you could also talk about a sonorous ebb and flow. At least when we are talking about his interpretations of Robert Schumanns three piano sonatas from the 1830’s which deals with the manic-depressive musical tendencies of the 200-years jubilee. Schumanns romantic piano music prefers to follow the logic of poetry and reflects the composers alter egos Florestan (a lively character) and Eusebius (a dreamer).

Schizofrenic moods which Sivelöv controls on the limit between restlessness and reflection. Especially when the time signature in the second sonata builds up to a lightning speed with the first movement in evanescently and thoughtful haste. Best track: The finale of sonata no. 3 and no. 1.

Dagens Nyheter – Johanna Paulsson

“Niklas Sivelöv Masters The Poetic Logic “ 5 stars

Niklas Sivelöv has specialised in Schumann and hails him with strong interpretations of the three sonatas from the 1830’s. Pure piano romance closer to Beethoven than Chopin – and closest to the composer himself in the splintered flow of ideas and melodies which was Schumann’s sorcerer’s brew. A classic analyst of form fdoes not find convincing regularity in Schumann. Here it is the poetic logic in the centre: the playing in contrasts, the abrupt change of feelings. Sivelöv masters this. The tones cascade forward or rest in meditating depths. A fairy tale, a bath in beauty, new views and pleasure awaits the alert listener. Sydsvenskan- Carlhåkan Larsén

The three piano sonatas become great raids on temperaments
forever changing.

Powerful outbursts with long stretched lines are succeeded by simple miniatures to change into delicate chor or straightforward manifestations.
Sivelov is obviously never afraid of drawing  the knife fully through,
and the consistent thinking makes the cd a small master piece amidst
the grand portrayal of feelings

Henrik Friis, Politiken 5 stars–schumann-piano-sonatas