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Success at the Schönberg Centre Vienna!

I never heard Schönberg played with so much elegance, “Schwung” – a favourite word of Sibelius which he often used in his diaries – and delicate touch.  Your whole recital was impressive – unobtrosively educational by erecting an arc from Bach to your great compatriot Eliasson, for whom Bach was “almost a god”, detecting almost…
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5 STARS for Bach Partitas & English Suites vol 2 and 3!

The pianist does things with this music that you have never really heard before. Niklas Sivelöv turns an ear to the silent infinity Sivelöv is an insightful and original interpreter of Johann Sebastian Bach’s piano music. Sensitive and daring. Tobias Lund Sydsvenskan

New review of Inertia

Immediately, there is something exciting about the concept album, Inertia. For the idea of ​​putting two professors, two pianos, two temperaments together – that’s good. Especially when it comes to piano professors from two different worlds – improvisational music and score music. Inertia is recorded on neutral ground – in the Danish Radio Concert Hall…
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New Beethoven video

New Beethoven promo video

New Beethoven review!

Latest review from Borås with the 4th concerto:A magical eveningIt was a fantastic event when Borås was visited by the piano virtuoso Niklas Sivelöv, who performs worldwide.The evening’s concerto – Beethoven’s Fourth – began with a solitary piano, careful, searching… The orchestra responded in due time with the same friendly, restrained timbre, but gained in…
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AMC009 is getting praise.

AMC009 Partitas and English suites vol. 1 gets 5 stars in Sydsvenskan ! ***** “..with careful use of rhythm, dynamics and accents, he adapts the expression to the conditions that each movement, yes each phrase, provides. The characters of the Allemande, the Courant and the other baroque dances are in place, but when given the…
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Opus Magasin

Orchestral works gets nice reviews.

Four Stars: Joachim Gustafsson | Sivelöv: Sinfonie Nr. 3 „Primavera“  05.03.2021 Ohne Corona würde es die vorliegende Aufnahme nicht geben. Da die schwedischen Musiker im Frühling vergangenen Jahres Pandemie-bedingt keine öffentlichen Konzerte geben konnten, hatten sie Zeit, die Partituren ihres Landsmanns zu studieren. Die Musik gefiel ihnen so gut, dass sie beschlossen, die Werke einzuspielen. Das…
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Fanfare Interview

A marvelous new Bach recital from AMC Classical, towards the c, features pianist Niklas Sivelöv. In our interview, Sivelöv talks about the recording and Bach’s unique genius and magic.Before we discuss your AMC Classical Bach recording, towards the c, I’d love to explore some of your thoughts on J. S. Bach and his music. And,…
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