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Sivelov Concertos

More reviews for Sivelöv Concertos!   Classical CD Choice: ”Effortlessly played by its composer, this is lively, colourful music which makes an attractive package. There are echoes of Stravinsky and other composers, but in the final analysis, Sivelov is very much his own man ” Barry Forshaw © 2020   Fanfare Magazine: ”Three highly entertaining and…
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Great review of the Madison recital!

Concert Review: Niklas Sivelöv, September 18, 2022 By Paul Baker For his September 18 concert, Swedish virtuoso Niklas Sivelöv strode out in long tails and gray ascot looking not a little like a clean-shaven Beethoven. As he sat at the vintage Mason & Hamlin 1906 model AA piano I appreciated that nod to sartorial tradition.…
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WTC by Bach received wonderful review in Fanfare Magazine.

BACH The Well-Tempered Clavier, Books 1 and 2 • Niklas Sivelöv (pn) • HVB 1501 (4 CDs: 246:32) It is no trifling thing for a keyboard artist to perform and record the 48, both books of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier in their entirety. There’s more to it than conquering the technical difficulties, which are formidable in themselves. A sense of awe must fill the…
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New review for AMC007!

New plans!

An inspiring meeting today with the great Danish composer Per Nørgård!

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New Beethoven review!

“I can also report that fans of Sviatoslav Richter’s “live” 1975 London “Hammerklavier” will find a kindred spirit in Sivelöv. His tempos, timings, and “Romantic” approach are quite similar to Richter’s.”.. Jerry Dubins Fanfare Magazine 2018

Interview in Fanfare magazine.

Niklas Sivelöv, Pianist and Composer BY MARTIN ANDERSON A century ago one could find a plethora of musicians like Niklas Sivelöv, where one couldn’t draw a line between composer and executant: Rachmaninoff is the example we remember today, but there were dozens, even hundreds, of composers who made their living on the concert platform and…
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