Sivelov Concertos

Sivelov Concertos

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”Effortlessly played by its composer, this is lively, colourful music which makes an attractive package.

There are echoes of Stravinsky and other composers, but in the final analysis, Sivelov is very much his own man ”

Barry Forshaw

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”Three highly entertaining and thoughtful concertos, brilliantly performed.”
5 starsHenry Fogel  

Fanfare Magazine


”Niklas Sivelöv förflyttar sig med ilfart kors och tvärs”

4 starsMartin Nyström

Dagens Nyheter


“Sivelöv’s compositions might be an acquired taste for some but are certainly well-suited for the cerebral listener. His works are like a puzzle: while it may not be easy at first to approach or appreciate all the details, multiple listens will unlock a world of fascinating nuances.”

Classic Review


”Niklas Sivelöv gör det bästa av både allvar av humor”

4 starsTobias Lund



”mit Energie und Präzision”

4 starsRemy Franck

Pizzicato (Magazine)